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Who are the Top Sports Betting Players?

26 Jun 2023

Find out who are the best and most admired sport bettors in the world!

With the ability to wager on a wide range of sports and events, sports betting has become a popular pastime for many people around the world. But who is the best in the sports betting industry? These individuals have honed their skills and knowledge to consistently make profitable bets, making them some of the best sports bettors in the world ever. 

William T. Billy Walters

Also known as Billy Walter, William T. Billy Walters was one of the most successful sports bettors with a winning streak extending over 30 years. Discussing sports betting without mentioning Billy Walters would be a disgrace. After all, the man is a sports betting legend! Working closely with a network of associates, he managed never to reveal his recipe for success while also making tens of millions from sports betting.

basketball ball on a  stack of money

Starting at an age as early as 9, Billy Walter has always had a heart for sports betting. But he did not make a name for himself until his mid to late 30s. Since joining the Computer Group, one of the top sports betting sites in the 80s, Billy managed to maintain an almost unbroken win streak for 30 years straight. Placing bets mostly on basketball, the NFL, and college football, Billy could make 50 to 60 million dollars in a good year. He used employees called runners to place bets remotely. By retirement, Billy was able to build up a net worth of 100 million dollars and become the owner of multiple businesses, making him one of the best sports bettors of all time.

Parlay Patz

Benjamin Tucker "Parlay" Patz joined an online sportsbook as soon as he hit the legal gambling age of 18 and immediately hit it off with a small fortune of 90$ on a bet made on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao match. After that, however, Patz went through a rough patch and lost all his savings.

This did little to stop the determined Patz, as he continued to bet on a 12-game parlay and won 75,000 dollars. Calamity struck him again as the unlicenced online sports betting site swindled him of his winning and gave him 12,000 dollars instead. It wasn’t long after that that Patz figured out that sports teams don’t care about the points scored but about the winnings. 

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So, he focused on betting moneyline, developing his brand of moneyline parlay strategy. He won $1.1 million in a span of just 3 weeks! This slingshot Patz to the status of Parlay King. However, while one of the best when it comes to sports betting, in 2021 Patz was sentenced to 36 month probation for threatening athletes and their families, blaming them for his losses. His sentence included gambling prohibition.     

Bill "Krackman" Kracomberger

Born and raised in Nevada, Bill Kracomberger is one of the most famous sports bettors in Las Vegas. Having learned the ins and outs of sports betting in his 25 years tenure, Bill developed a strictly careful approach to gambling. His motto for success is knowing when to quit. By utilizing promotions, bonuses, and free bets, Bill uses every opportunity to his advantage. Sports betting, in the eyes of Krackman, is an activity enjoyed by casual people looking for entertainment, people who place bets as a side hustle, as well as professionals looking to make it their career.

sporting equipment on a mobile phone

Most importantly, he developed sports betting apps, the most well-known being Krackwins, where expert sports betting picks are offered to subscribers. Outside of online sports betting sites, Krackman is also known for his education on the danger of gambling addiction, placing smart bets, and always prioritizing family. He understands that fixed-odd games are not profitable in the long run, and value betting is the key to successful betting.

Jimmy Snyder

A pioneer in popularizing sports betting across the United States, Jimmy Snyder, also known as Jimmy the Greek, was an American sports commentator and bookmaker. He was the first man to bring sports betting tips and predictions of match outcomes to live television. Also, he was one of the main contributors to the CBS Sunday morning show The NFL Today.

During his legal sports betting career, Jimmy the Greek had beaten impossible odds. One of them is the bet he made against Thomas Dewey over the presidential election in the late 40s, where he would emerge triumphantly over an odd of 17:1. He made a bet of 10,000 dollars and got back a reward of 17,000 dollars, which is equal to 1.7 million dollars in modern times. 

football ball with money falling from above

After moving to Nevada, Jimmy Snyder started selling pro-sports betting tips to the regular sports bettor and made himself a highly-regarded figure in the sports betting communities. He made a substantial impact in The NFL Today by contributing his sports betting wisdom on live television, bringing sports betting to the household. Despite his departure from the show due to unnecessary difficulties, Jimmy the Greek paved the way for modern-day sports betting and online betting sites. 

Teddy “Covers” Sevransky

Having been around since the 90s, Teddy "Covers" Sevransky is a well-known figure in the sports betting community. He is the life force of sports betting, having appeared in almost all social media outlets, from the New York Times and the Boston Globes to CBS and CNBC. He worked his way up to be a trusted sports bettor whose net worth is over 100 million dollars.

sports betting with stadium in the background

Sevransky is praised for his attention to detail with each and every betting line he makes. He is admired for the careful research he put into his picks. He urges his audience to not only have knowledge about the sports they bet on but also the seemingly minute statistics that go into each game. He is active on his Twitter page and several radio shows, where he gives words of analytical advice and sports picks, with quality on par with the best legal sports betting sites.


The best sports bettors are the ones that have mastered their crafts through trial and error. Through research and data grinding, they possess a deep understanding of the sports they wager on and are able to identify value in the online sports betting market. The proof of their success lies not in the amount of wealth they generate but in the knowledge behind it. Although it is difficult to replicate such success, one can always learn from these bettors' strategies and improve theirs. In the end, sports betting is not only about luck but also about knowledge and discipline.


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