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blade and fangs in text
blade and fangs in text

Pragmatic Play Presents Blade & Fangs Slot: A Haunting Slot Experience

  • 🏰 Gothic Mansion Setting: The game is set in an atmospheric gothic mansion, providing a unique and captivating backdrop that immerses players in a dark, mysterious world.
  • 🦇 Themed Symbols: Combines classic card figures with gothic icons like bats, zombies, and werewolves for a spine-chilling experience.
  • 🌹 Dynamic Multipliers: Features innovative pink and red rose multipliers that merge reels and trigger respins for bigger wins.
  • 💀 Free Spins Feature: The flaming skull Scatter Symbol unlocks a Free Spins feature, expanding the reel set for enhanced winning potential.
  • Instant Bonus Access: Offers a Bonus Buy option for immediate entry into the high-energy Free Spins round.

Pragmatic Play, known for its innovative approach, has once again pushed the boundaries with its latest title - Blade & Fangs. This new slot game is a journey into the depths of gothic mystique, offering an experience that blends the thrill of gaming with an enigmatic and darkly enchanting theme. With a 96.05% RTP and a 5,000x multiplier, Blade & Fangs slot provides just enough challenge to keep every player engaged and on the edge of their seat. 

blade and fangs slot base game reels

At the heart of Blade & Fangs lies a gothic mansion, a setting that immediately captivates players with its atmospheric design. The game's aesthetic is a masterful blend of darkness and intrigue, setting the stage for a slot experience unlike any other. The game's symbol design is a clever mix of traditional and thematic elements. While the lower-value symbols stick to the classic card figures, the higher-value symbols stick to the theme with icons like eerie bats, slithering snakes, haunting zombies, and fearsome werewolves.

Blade & Fangs spices things up with its unique Multiplier Symbols, the pink and red roses. When these roses align, they unlock a new dynamic in the game, merging reels and triggering respins with potential for increased rewards. 

blade and fangs slot bonus game reels

The flaming skull, serving as the game's Scatter Symbol, is the key to unlocking the Free Spins Feature. This feature is a game-changer, offering players a chance to escalate their winnings on an expanded reel set. For the eager players, the game also presents a Bonus Buy Option, a shortcut to the adrenaline-pumping free spins round.

Blade & Fangs is a testament to Pragmatic Play’s ability to innovate and captivate. It’s not just a new slot game; it's an amazing adventure in the world of online gaming. For those who dare to venture into this gothic tale, the game promises an experience filled with suspense, excitement, and the unmistakable thrill of the unknown. With Blade & Fangs, every play is an entry into a story that only the bravest will dare to explore.

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