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Mummy with glowing red eyes
Mummy with glowing red eyes

Dive Into the Mystical World with Popiplay's Gates of Anubis Slot

  • 🏺 Popiplay’s Gates of Anubis offers a rich, immersive experience with stunning graphics and atmospheric sounds.
  • 💰 Experience high stakes and thrilling gameplay with a 10,200x max win, high volatility, and amazing features like free spins, 100x multipliers, and refilling reels.
  • 🎰 Enhance your chances of winning big with the Chance X Booster and the immediate access to action via the Bonus Buy option, making every spin an exciting venture into ancient lore.

Step into a world where ancient legends and modern thrills collide spectacularly as Popiplay unveils its latest masterpiece - Gates of Anubis. This slot game isn't just a play; it's an expedition into the mystical heart of Egyptian mythology, inviting you to explore the secretive realm of the revered deity - Anubis. 

gates of anubis slot base game reels

Embark on a mesmerizing journey the moment you spin the reels of Gates of Anubis. You'll find yourself in a realm where ancient symbols, precious artifacts, and the enigmatic Anubis come to life. The game's exquisite graphics and evocative soundtrack plunge you into a world where the past and present merge, offering more than a game - it's a legendary adventure.

Gates of Anubis isn't just a visual spectacle; it's a rollercoaster of excitement and suspense. With a top win of 10,200x, high volatility, and a return to player (RTP) rate of 96.11%, the game is crafted to keep you riveted. Every spin is a chance at staggering riches, creating a palpable buzz of anticipation.

The game shines with unique features designed to enchant casual gamers and slots experts alike. The opportunity to amplify your winnings through free spins and incredible up to 100x multipliers transforms a standard game into an exceptional jackpot journey. Meanwhile, the innovative refilling reels feature ensures that every spin can unfurl new chances for victory. 

gates of anubis bonus game reels

The thrill escalates with the Chance X Booster, a pivotal feature that enhances your likelihood of entering the much-desired free spins bonus round. And if you're itching to jump right into the excitement, the Bonus Buy feature is your express pass to the free spins action, propelling you directly into the heart of the game.

In essence, Popiplay’s Gates of Anubis is your portal to an age-old civilization, re-envisioned with state-of-the-art gaming technology. Merging deep-rooted mythology with pioneering game mechanics and the allure of substantial payouts, it's poised to become a favorite for those in pursuit of gaming experiences as enriching as they are thrilling.

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